About us

REVamp360 is a company established in 2017 and is offering mobile service across Devon and Cornwall.

We are offering services incl. ECU remapping, DPF cleaning, Engine Carbon Cleaning and Diagnostics.


We aim to be one step ahead working with "Genuine Tools" and "Genuine Software". Our goal is to familiarise ourselves with the latest ECU technology and dealer diagnostic tools.

We are a company working with Genuine Licenced Hardware & Genuine Licenced Software we are always up to date with support and subscriptions!

Some of our services include DPF*, EGR, DTC, Speed Limiter, Swirl Flap, Lambda Removal, Launch Control, Hard-cut Limiters.

We don't use automated online portals. We prefer to give our customers an unrivalled personal service and support!

All our work is insured and fully transparent.


















*DPF Removal is a custom calibration that is to be used in house for test purpose, off road and competition use only. Revamp360 will not be held liable for software installed on vehicles that are to be driven on public roads. All UK Road vehicles must be fitted with DPF to comply to current regulations and emission standards, This will be checked every annual MOT Test.